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That's a wrap for Season 3, but is that it for the drama surrounding Moff Gideon, the Darksaber, the fate of Mandalore, and Grogu's parentage? Is the tidy bow placed at the end just a distraction for what comes next? Join us for a deep dive into the living waters of chapter 24, "The Return," on RFR's MANDALORIAN After Show featuring listener feedback and live calls with your thoughts and theories about not only this episode, but Season 3 on a whole.

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The newly-reunited Mandalorians return to their home planet and encounter danger, surprises, and a resurgent threat to the galaxy in Chapter 23: "The Spies". Join RFR for a fun and lively discussion about this episode of THE MANDALORIAN and what it means for the coming season conclusion next week.

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Big reveals about AHSOKA, SKELETON CREW, ANDOR, THE ACOLYTE! Three new films, three new original series, and new seasons for old favorites. That's just the tip of the spire of the news that came out of STAR WARS Celebration London 2023. Join RFR for the conclusion of our convention coverage as we break down what was revealed and what questions remain. Plus, your thoughts and observations.

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Three directors and three new STAR WARS films were officially announced at the convention in London! Plus, the trailer for AHSOKA! RFR is here for all of it and YOU as we break it down along with your takes on what was revealed and its impact on our beloved franchise. Plus, surprise calls from Kyle Newman and F.J. DeSanto!

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Bo-Katan begins her journey to reunite the Mandalorian people, but first, she and Din Djarin must solve a mysterious pattern of malfunctioning droids on an opulent world. And what's the deal with all those celebrity cameos? Did they help or hurt the episode? Don't miss our full review, complete with your chats, comments, and phone calls.

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