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We review THE MANDALORIAN season 3 with new behind-the-scenes info and interviews with the cast and crew via DISNEY GALLERY. We have highlights from Jon Favreau, Dave Filoni, Doug Chaing, Jack Black and more! We look ahead to the upcoming STAR WARS film featuring Daisy Ridley as Kathy Kennedy claims Rey made "a promise to Luke Skywalker" and we try to figure out exactly what the hell she's talking about. Plus, listener feedback about Dark Siders escaping death, the potential of a live action Capt. Rex in AHSOKA and more!

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With STAR WARS films several years away, our focus is the streaming series. This week, we collected cool interview highlights from the casts of AHSOKA, ANDOR, and THE MANDALORIAN himself, Pedro Pascal, who reveals he hasn’t been under the helmet much lately. Will we see live action recreations of classic animated moments from Ahsoka Tano’s history?  Will Grogu play a role in the story? Should the famous STAR WARS opening crawl be included in streaming series, like AHSOKA, or should it be reserved for the films only? Star Wars in Pop Culture features SUCCESSION, NEWHART and introduces us to the fandom of the NBA’s 2023 #1 draft pick, Victor Wembanyama of the San Antonio Spurs. Plus, Hera’s goggles, Galaxy’s Edge, and the mystery of Fake Mace.

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This week, fans learned we will be getting three new STAR WARS films over the course of a year and a half starting in May 2026. We look closely at the schedule and break it all down. A surprise video game was announced this week - STAR WARS OUTLAWS. We review the trailer, the characters, and the visuals. Listener voicemail triggers speculation about the upcoming AHSOKA series, we review interview highlight clips featuring Kathy Kennedy on the future films, and Diego Luna talking ANDOR with OBI-WAN KENOBI’s Hayden Christensen and more!

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The premiere date for AHSOKA has been set and the hype is underway with a new Empire Magazine cover story revealing new looks at the characters and an interview with Dave Filoni. We review the new info and speculate about what may go down in the series. Plus, we have new interview highlights from Mark Hamill and ANDOR showrunner Tony Gilroy, Star Wars in Pop Culture, listener feedback and more.

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The weekly RFR podcast is LIVE this week! Watch as we record the latest episode of Rebel Force Radio. Mark Hamill talks about his future in Star Wars with Esquire magazine, the late AHSOKA actor Ray Stevenson reveals more about his character Baylan Skoll to Entertainment Tonight, and with Pedro Pascal's near-total absence from the set, we discuss just who IS THE MANDALORIAN?

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