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Celebrating the complete three season run of THE BAD BATCH, Dee Bradley Baker joins us for an exclusive conversation about his connection to each of the characters he voiced, along with behind-the-scenes stories and insights into his creative process. Plus, we finally get around to asking Dee the questions from the famous Yoda Questionnaire. George Lucas received honors at the Cannes Film Festival last weekend. We review his whirlwind media tour in France and feature highlights of some of his very candid interviews. George also celebrated a big birthday, and we reveal who was on the guest list. Plus, we look at early reviews for THE ACOLYTE while looking ahead to the series premiere next week and more!

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With THE ACOLYTE premiere mere weeks away, we breakdown the latest trailer and promo videos to look for clues and provide some wild speculation about what we think will happen in the series. Signorey Weaver may be joining the cast of THE MANDALORIAN AND GROGU and we talk about the possibility. STAR WARS Oreos are on the way! We listen to comments from spokesperson Josh Gad and look at a cool Star Wars-Oreo moment from the past. Plus, we take care of some unfinished TALES OF THE EMPIRE business, we recap May The Fourth in Bristol CT and more!

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Lucasfilm adds another entry in the "Tales of" series of animated shorts. This time, the focus is on Thrawn-allegiant Morgan Elsbeth and Clone Wars Jedi traitor Barriss Offee. Throw in some Dathomir witches and fresh Inquisitor recruits, and you have our attention. Check out our analysis of each episode along with your calls and insights! 

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RFR descended upon the city of Bristol, CT on May the Fourth for a live show in front of a great crowd at the Rockwell Theater. Join us as we celebrate "Star Wars Day" and party with RFR V.I.P.s, special guests, live music from High Adventure, and a ton of laughs.  Plus, the history of "May The Fourth Be With You" and Jimmy Mac reviews his latest trip to Galaxy's Edge. Thank you Arianna Theirrault, the City of Bristol CT, and loyal RFR listeners from the region and around the country who traveled to New England to join us! 

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"The Cavalry Has Arrived" and THE BAD BATCH's explosive series finale is here! Join us as we dig deep into this final episode and reflect on the epic three-season journey with Clone Force 99. The voice of Governor Tarkin, Stephen Stanton calls in to surprise us once again! Plus, the chat is popping and phone lines are jamming for the final Rebel Force Radio BAD BATCH After Show Livestream!

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