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We review the new trailer for season three of THE BAD BATCH and speculate about the return of Asajj Ventress, with live callers weighing in on The Batch and other STAR WARS news and topics. Plus, listeners weigh in with STAR WARS "What If...?" scenarios and more!

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Rey movie on? Rey movie off? Rey movie next? Rey movie delayed indefinitely? Inconsistent, yet consistent, rumors are flying around about the status of Daisy Ridley’s upcoming Rey Skywalker film. We analyze the rumors and look at other clues about the mysterious movie, including comments from Daisy Ridley herself. Are future stories told outside STAR WARS canon via Marvel’s “What-if…?” concept on the way? We consider the potential and offer ten ideas for “What-If…?” STAR WARS stories. We have audio highlights from recent interviews including an ANDOR update from Diego Luna, a look back at AHSOKA season one via comments from Rosario Dawson and Eman Esfandi, and Natalie Portman talks about meeting “her son” Mark Hamill at The Golden Globe Awards. Plus, STAR WARS in Pop Culture and more!

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In a surprise announcement this week, Lucasfilm revealed THE MANDALORIAN AND GROGU will be an upcoming feature film to go into production this year. We look forward to the Mando movie and how it will affect the other STAR WARS films already in the pipeline. Director of the upcoming Daisy Ridley "New Jedi Order" film, Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy, made her first on-camera comments about the movie, inciting negative backlash from the fanbase. We analyze her statements within their appropriate context and try to discover what gives her the proper skill set to direct a STAR WARS film.

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