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Rebel Force Radio: TFA Review Show #3

After one week in release, THE FORCE AWAKENS continues to pack theaters and generate amazing conversation. The vibe continues here at RFR in earnest as we present our latest review show. From the humor to the drama of the film, we cover it all. It’s a podcaster reunion as we are joined by our old friend Pete Nadel, the STAR WARS podcasting pioneer who offers his always entertaining analysis of the saga and beyond. From “Famous Monsters” magazine, executive editor David Weiner stops by to provide his critical take on EPISODE VII. And STAR WARS artist Kevin Liell visits us with his review of TFA, delivered in his trademark, straight-shooting style. Merry Christmas from Jason Swank, Jimmy Mac and “Your Source For The Force”, REBEL FORCE RADIO.

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Rebel Force Radio: TFA Review Show #2

THE FORCE AWAKENS continues to topple box office worldwide and STAR WARS fever tightens its grip on the galaxy. This means no downtime for RFR! We are back with more commentary and conversation about the film everyone is talking about. Joining us are two very special guests who can actually be seen on screen in Ep VII!  And even better, it's their first ever STAR WARS interviews! Arti Shah (Gonk/Maz Kanata Motion Capture Double) stops by to talk about her amazing experiences on the TFA sets in London and Abu Dhabi. And, winner of the Force For Change walk-on role, DC Barnes relives his ultimate fan experience with RFR.

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Rebel Force Radio: TFA Review Show #1

Following an insane opening night and even more intense opening day, we have retreated to the RFR studios to process our emotions, discuss our feelings, and break down our analysis of STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS. Joining us are a couple of old friends who actually contributed to what you hear in TFA. David W. Collins and James Arnold Taylor provided their vocal talents for a slew of characters in the new film. The guys tell us how it happened and who they voiced. Plus, we begin what will be a continuing conversation about all-things-Episode VII in this, the first of a series of shows to wrap up 2015. 

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Rebel Force Radio: TFA Opening Night Live

It's TFA Day! Join us for opening night live at Hollywood Blvd. Cinema in the Chicago suburbs for a live RFR featuring tons of great STAR WARS conversation, music, and excitement. We are with our family, friends, and fellow fans for this historic event. Then, stick around after the credits for our first review and initial thoughts about THE FORCE AWAKENS. 

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Star Wars Rebels: Declassified "Legacy"

We wrap up the first half of STAR WARS REBELS season 2 with "Legacy". A long-running loose end from Ezra's past gets tied up as the fate of his parents is revealed. Joining us to discuss this exciting episode is Toronto Filmmaker and RFR documentarian Sheldon Norton. 

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Rebel Force Radio: December 11, 2015

Last Sunday, STAR WARS THE FORCE AWAKENS cast and crew met with the media at a special event in L.A. and our microphones were there! Hear from J.J. Abrams, Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, Jon Boyega, Kathleen Kennedy, Oscar Isaac and more. RFR has all the highlights along with our trademark commentary and conversation. Plus, we go In The Cantina with David Weiner, the executive editor of FAMOUS MONSTERS, who gives us the lowdown regarding their STAR WARS Spectacular, including his interview with Mark Hamill and discussion about all the famous monsters in the STAR WARS universe. Plus, more about the AT&T UVerse Buzz STAR WARS Celebration special featuring contributions from the RFR family, and more. Anticipation is at a fever pitch as we prep for our opening night live remote from Hollywood Blvd. Cinema in the Chicago suburbs. We hope to see you there!

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Star Wars Rebels: Declassified "The Future of the Force"

Kyle Newman is back to review and analyze "The Future Of The Force" featuring the return of the Fifth Brother and the Seventh Sister.  And finally, Ahsoka gets into the action with her dual-white lightsabers! This is the second of a Star Wars Rebels: Declassified double-feature this week. Be sure to also listen to our review of "Stealth Strike", also with Kyle Newman.

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Star Wars Rebels: Declassified "Stealth Strike"

Kyle Newman joins us at the roundtable to talk about the exciting "Stealth Strike". Kanan gets back into the heat of battle onboard an Imperial Interdictor Cruiser as he attempts to rescue Ezra. This is the first of two episodes of Star Wars Rebels: Declassified for this week. Be sure to also check out our roundtable discussion for "The Future of the Force", also featuring Kyle Newman. 

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Rebel Force Radio: December 4, 2015

THE FORCE AWAKENS in just 2 weeks and the hype machine is in full motion! J.J. Abrams and the cast of the film is hitting the talk show circuit and everyone is talking about The Wars. From Fallon to Kimmel, we review the all the highlights, STAR WARS "Talk Soup"-style. Get caught up with Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, Jon Boyega, Daisy Ridley, and more. Plus, Mark Hamill spreads the word about Omaze in stormtrooper armor, Jason introduces STAR WARS to his daughter, and George Lucas discusses his "divorce" from the saga he created.  Fuel your fandom and your anticipation for THE FORCE AWAKENS with us this week on Your Source For The Force, Rebel Force Radio. 

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Rebel Force Radio: November 27, 2015: Black Friday

It's an RFR tradition!  Every year on Thanksgiving, we give thanks to you, our listening audience, by turning the spotlight on your voice mail and feedback. As always, you filled up our inbox and we love hearing what you have to say! From anticipation for THE FORCE AWAKENS to George Lucas to Slave Leia and more, loyal RFR listeners always have a ton to say! Plus, Jimmy Mac and STAR WARS REBELS actor Taylor Gray (Ezra Bridger) enjoy AHL hockey action at a Chicago Wolves game and we get a special report from Disneyland's "Season Of The Force" with tech author David Sparks (

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Star Wars Rebels: Declassified "Blood Sisters"

We get another look into Sabine's mysterious past with the arrival of a new bounty hunter in "Blood Sisters". Joining Jason & Jimmy to discuss this season two episode of STAR WARS REBELS is artist/entrepreneur Kevin Liell (Norse Legion). Listen in to see if what we thought of this episode, our speculations on what happened in Sabine's past, and how this will effect the character moving forward. Plus, Liell tells us all about his experience meeting J.J. Abrams at the Art Awakens art show in Hollywood. 

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Rebel Force Radio: November 20, 2015

With STAR WARS THE FORCE AWAKENS on the horizon, George Lucas gets more and more outspoken the closer we get to the film's premiere. We review recent comments by George concerning his original ideas for the sequel trilogy that were eventually discarded and why he had to step away. News about TFA continues to break at a lightspeed pace. We review the latest TV spots, box office predictions, Entertainment Weekly's STAR WARS special issue, and recent Harrison Ford media appearances. From Starkiller Base to Jakku and all points in between, RFR is Your Source For The Force. Remember to visit to make a donation and become eligible to win tickets to the red carpet premiere for THE FORCE AWAKENS.

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Star Wars Rebels: Declassified "Wings of the Master"

Hera takes to the sky to prove the B-Wing has what it takes to deliver a blow to the Empire in "WIngs of the Master". STAR WARS artist Paul Bateman joins us to break down this episode and define what insipred it. From the influence of Ralph McQuarrie to the direction of Dave Filoni, we cover it all on REBELS: DECLASSIFIED

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Rebel Force Radio: November 13, 2015

The first TV spot for STAR WARS THE FORCE AWAKENS debuted this week and we review the new footage from the film that was revealed; News is confirmed about the future of Disney's STAR WARS WEEKENDS and we react; Shocking and insulting comments from Simon Pegg regarding fans of the STAR WARS prequels gets us worked up; Is Disney retiring all Slave Leia merchandising? We break down this rumor and the entire concept of the metal bikini in a roundtable discussion and debate with two special surprise participants. All of these hot topics get, our opinions flying fast and furiously in this week's Source for the Force.

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RFR Bonus: Dave Filoni

STAR WARS REBELS Executive Producer and RFR's leader in the Wolf Pack Dave Filoni joins us to discuss the mysteries of season 2 including the return of Captain Rex and the rise of 2 new inquisitors. Dave fills us in on what has happened so far, along with tons of behind-the-scenes stories and tantalizing hints of what's to come. Plus, we talk about the build-up to THE FORCE AWAKENS and tales from his experiences working with George Lucas. Do not miss this exclusive RFR podcast conversation with Dave Filoni.

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Star Wars Rebels: Declassified: "Brothers of the Broken Horn"

Hondo Ohnaka is the latest character to make the cross-over from THE CLONE WARS to REBELS. Join us as we discuss the series debut for the popular pirate with our panelists: J.C.Reifenberg (Hughes The Force/Summer '78) and author/podcaster David Sparks (

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Rebel Force Radio: November 6, 2015

Despite J.J. Abrams himself assuring us last week that there will be no more new trailers, this morning we saw the surprise release of a NEW international trailer for STAR WARS THE FORCE AWAKENS. As this breaking news developed, Jimmy Mac and Paul Bateman raced to their microphones to discuss immediately.  As a matter of fact, Paul did not even have time to watch the trailer until the show so you will be there with him as he watches it for the first time. We break down the entire thing shot-by-shot then we open up the voice mail to hear what you think of this latest taste of STAR WARS THE FORCE AWAKENS

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Rebel Force Radio: October 31, 2015: Happy Halloween

Spend Halloween with Rebel Force Radio as we bring you the latest STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS updates, fallout and reaction to the trailer, interview highlights from J.J. Abrams, reaction from John Boyega, and comments about the future of Luke Skywalker from Mark Hamill himself...back in 2005! Plus, special guest Steve Sansweet from Rancho Obi-Wan stops by to talk about their contributions to the latest Kraft Star Wars Mac 'n Cheese ad campaign, Galaween, and his thoughts on the TFA trailer. And what about Darth Vader's grandchildren? The Notorious G.L. himself demands to know! 

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Star Wars Rebels: Declassified: "Always Two There Are"

The second season of STAR WARS REBELS rolls along with the latest episode "Always Two There Are" and the debut of a new threat for the crew of The Ghost. Two new Inquisitors have turned up the heat in pursuit of Ahsoka and the rebels, while Ezra struggles to learn the ways of The Force.  We break down the episode and take a few moments to consider how it impacts the saga on a whole with our amazing roundtable panel featuring Australian comedian Steele Saunders ( and Toronto musician and lead singer of The Soles, Din Yalonen. 

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Rebel Force Radio: October 23, 2015

We bask in the wake of the record-setting trailer and ticket launch for STAR WARS THE FORCE AWAKENS and recap our own experiences scoring tix for the biggest movie of the decade. Then, we turn the show over to you as we feature listener v-mail and e-mail. We listen to your reactions, recorded in the minutes following the debut of the trailer. Speculation, rumor, analysis, and crazy wild guesses, nothing in this show is off limits! Plus, new info along with more strong opinions about the music from the trailer, further fallout in reaction to the official poster, and how both are influenced by the modern-day movie marketing machine.

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Star Wars Rebels: Declassified "Relics of the Old Republic"

STAR WARS REBELS continued the "Return of the Clones" arc with the action-packed "Relics of the Old Republic".  Joining us at the Rebels roundtable are the TechnoRetro Dads, Josh "Jedi Shua" Stolte and Stuart "Shazbazzar" Tullis. From AT-AT's in action to the reunion of Captain Rex and Ahsoka, we discuss it all.  Plus, for better or worse, we continue the debate: Is Luke Skywalker Middle or Lower Class?

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The Force Awakens Trailer Review

With much fanfare, the third trailer for STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS was released hours ago with a live premiere during ABC's MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL.  Minutes after the trailer debuted, we sat down at our microphones to bring you our immediate reaction, opinions and examination of this amazing new TFA sneak peek. Joining us out-of-the-box are council members F.J. DeSanto and Paul Bateman who have a lot to say as we break down the trailer shot-by-shot. Then stay tuned as Sam Witwer and Kyle Newman check in to share their thoughts on this cool new look at Ep VII.  Plus, we go live on WGN Radio Chicago with the Matt Bubala Show to share our STAR WARS knowledge and passion with a mainstream audience. From dialog to visuals to emotion, we cover it all on RFR!

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Rebel Force Radio: October 16, 2015

STAR WARS REBELS writer Steven Melching joins us In The Cantina to talk about writing Star Wars,  the return of the clones, and behind-the-scenes stories from season 2. STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS news is heating up! We have details and rumors about the next trailer, the next poster, the logo, the running time, and the possible rating designation. Plus, we go on a Star Wars toy run, Ziro The Hutt checks in, and we have more on the strained relationship between Darth Vader actor David Prowse and Lucasfilm. Script flub? We wrap it up with an investigation into whether or not Mark Hamill accidentally yelled "Carrie!" instead of "Leia" as the rebels celebrated at the conclusion of A NEW HOPE.

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Star Wars Rebels: Declassified "The Lost Commanders"

The RFR roundtable is back with Star Wars Rebels: Declassified. Season two is fully underway with the newest weekly episode "The Lost Commanders" and the return of Captain Rex. We discuss the return of some familiar characters from THE CLONE WARS and their impact on the Rebels universe with Tricia Barr (Fangirls Going Rogue) and Steve Glosson (Geek Out Loud). 

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Rebel Force Radio: October 13, 2015

Join Jimmy and Jason Live from Cleveland as we count down the weeks til THE FORCE AWAKENS; Sarah Michelle Gellar in REBELS; Boba Fett Casting Rumors; David Prowse Documentary; News from NYCC; STAR WARS EPISODE VIII and Benecio del Toro; TOPPS Star Wars Trading Cards; Trivia Contest and more. 

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Star Wars Influences #14: Part 2: Visually Enhanced

We are proud to present the second part of this month's Star Wars Influences with new visual enhancement!  Paul Bateman provides a follow-up to Sheldon Norton's RFR report on "21-87" and it's impact on a young George Lucas.  The spotlight then shines on Original Trilogy concept artist and all-around utility player extraordinaire Joe Johnston. Paul give us the lowdown on Joe's career, artwork, technique, and inspirations. Listen to the show or follow along with our visual accompaniment on your mobile device, laptop, or desktop computer.  And be sure to listen to Part One if you haven't already to get the full Influences experience!

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Star Wars Influences #14: Part 1: Visually Enhanced

Welcome to the first episode of Star Wars Influences featuring visual enhancement. Use your mobile device, laptop or desktop to see what we are talking about. Star Wars artist Paul Bateman is back to give us a review of the new THE FORCE AWAKENS action figures; Fan love for BB-8; A close look at some ROGUE ONE helmets leaked by actor Donnie Yen and more. This is part one of a two-parter. Come back in a few days for part two! 

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Rebel Force Radio: October 2, 2015

A Chicago Tribune feature on RFR and original generation STAR WARS fans in middle-age hit the stands this week; Disney releases new info about "Season of the Force" and we continue to question the future of "Star Wars Weekends"; Tim Rose returns to play Admiral Ackbar in THE FORCE AWAKENS; The Clones return in STAR WARS REBELS season 2; Catching up with John Boyega, Daisy Ridley, and plenty of "Outrageous Unthinkable Stories". All this plus a toilet paper roll dispenser that sounds like Chewbacca.  

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Rebel Force Radio: September 25, 2015

Hayden Christensen in STAR WARS EPISODE VIII rumors and the return of Darth Vader; John Landis has an exclusive scoop on the possibility of a BluRay release for the original Original Trilogy; The history of STAR WARS and the Oscars; Anthony Daniels goes off the deep end...Again; We go In The Cantina with STAR WARS mega-collector Chris Fawcett; STAR WARS REBELS Season 2 speculation;Stories about Benecio del Toro and Gwendoline Christie; James Earl Jones goes Bieber and more! 

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Rebel Force Radio: September 18, 2015

Three months until THE FORCE AWAKENS and filming has already begun on STAR WARS EPISODE VIII!  We have the latest updates including Mark Hamill news, interview highlights with Benecio del Toro and Domhnall Gleeson, and what’s the status for the future of DISNEY'S STAR WARS WEEKENDS? A new rumor emerged this week that may mean trouble for the long-running annual event. We try to dig beneath the surface of these reports. STAR WARS  artist Brian Rood’s work was featured on hundreds of pieces of merchandise released on Force Friday. We talk to Brian to get the behind-the-scenes story.  Plus, author Michael Kogge stops by to talk about STAR WARS: ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW and his book tour which brought him to Jimmy Mac's neighborhood.  All this and CHICAGO WHITE SOX STAR WARS DAY, Toronto rock band The Soles, a TOPPS STAR WARS CARD TRADER APP update and more!

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Rebel Force Radio: September 11, 2015

We recap FORCE FRIDAY and get an update on the upcoming RFR documentary WHEN THE GALAXY LISTENS with Toronto filmmaker Sheldon Norton; More from our visit with Dave Filoni at Lucasfilm; We review the Sphero BB-8 App Enabled Droid; Mads Mikkelson may have revealed his ROGUE ONE character name and Benecio del Toro is talking about EPISODE VIII; Plus, Wilhelm Scream Beer, Hoggsquattle gets identified, and what is the significance of the number 2187 to STAR WARS? Find out this week on RFR! Destination: STAR WARS.     

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RebelForce Radio: September 4, 2015: Force Friday

The marketing blitz for STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS hit stores this morning at midnight as fans celebrated the kickoff to Force Friday. Join RFR as we take you across 4 time zones to celebrate this huge event as only we can.  Starting on the East Coast and working our way thru Chicago, Denver, and finally L.A., we bring the “Midnight Madness” experience directly to your ear buds. Special guests like Steve Sansweet, Sam Witwer, David Collins & Kyle Newman bring you right into the heart of the action on this Force Friday RFR MegaCast.

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RebelForce Radio: August 21, 2015

Your Source for the Force is back to review another busy week of breaking Star Wars news including all the big reveals from D23 in Anaheim. We have audio highlights from J.J. Abrams, Harrison Ford, John Boyega, Oscar Isaac and more. Disney head honcho Bob Iger blew away the D23 audience with a big announcement about the currently-in-development Star Wars land coming to Disney Theme Parks. We take you there for his announcement then get down and dirty with details & speculation.  Plus, Rogue One cast announced, Episode IX gets a director, Drew Struzan returns to Star Wars, we have a Smuggler's Bounty update and more!

Have a great weekend!  Please note: No Weekly RFR next week as we will be on vacation. But be on the look out for Star Wars Oxygen next Friday instead. We will return for Force Friday on Sept. 4th with a huge show and special guests!

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RebelForce Radio: August 14, 2015

Entertainment Weekly's Anthony Breznican joins us for a complete review of his new cover story for EW spotlighting Star Wars The Force Awakens. We discuss the latest production reports, quotes from the creative team, revealing photos from the set and some news about the upcoming Han Solo Anthology film. Plus, new action figures for the upcoming Star Wars film are starting to trickle out to retail early. Hear what we think! Also hitting the web, a picture of a very prominent Jedi in his full wardrobe. We react to these latest leaks and much more this week on RFR: Destination Star Wars.

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Star Wars Influences #13

Paul Bateman is back with Jimmy Mac to discuss the latest issues of Star Wars Marvel Comics including likes and dislikes. The topic of the month: John Carter of Mars. Hear how the Edgar Rice Burroughs's 100+ year old sci-fi saga impacted Star Wars and influenced George Lucas. Paul has a complete breakdown and expert eye-opening analysis that you will not want to miss!  Plus, Star Wars Radio Dramas, The Force AwakensRogue One and more! 

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RebelForce Radio: August 7, 2015

HUGE update on the RebelForce Radio documentary, “When The Galaxy Listens” with Toronto filmmaker Sheldon Norton, including a full recap of Sheldon’s trip with Jimmy Mac to Skywalker Ranch;  Dave Filoni sits down with Jimmy at Lucasfilm Headquarters at the Presidio in San Francisco for a laid back and candid conversation; Steve Sansweet joins us with news from Rancho Obi-Wan; More on the Secret History of Michael Jackson & Star Wars. And, who will win a million credits to the TOPPS Star Wars Card Trader App? Could it be you? Stay tuned as we announce our lucky winners! And our popular Little Debbie Galactic Snack Pack Giveaway is back and more!

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RebelForce Radio: July 31,2015

Fallout from the Slave Leia action figure controversy; Top headlines & casting rumors from The Force AwakensRogue One, and Episode VIII; The potential future of live action Star Wars TV on Netflix; the secret history of Michael Jackson & Jar Jar Binks;  listener voice mail and more. Plus find out how YOU can win a million credits to the TOPPS Star Wars Card Trader App in our exclusive RFR giveaway!

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RebelForce Radio: July 20, 2015

Amy Schumer's appearance on the cover of GQ magazine this week presents us with yet another Slave Leia controversy. We talk about Amy's racy photo shoot and discuss it's potential impact on the franchise and fandom. A Han Solo Star Wars Anthology film is coming in 2018. We present the top 5 things we want to see in that film. Plus, we continue our coverage of Star Wars at the San Diego Comic Con as we shine the spotlight on the reunion of "Big Three": Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, and Harrison Ford in what was truly a momentous occasion in Star Wars history. Australian comedian/podcaster Steele Saunders (Steele Wars) camped out at Hall H and he was there for the whole thing. From line to panel to fireworks, Steele give us his first hand account of this amazing event. 

Enjoy RFR early this week! Stay strong with The Force...We will be back on Friday July 31st with a new episode of RebelForce Radio.

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RebelForce Radio: July 17, 2015

San Diego Comic Con's Star Wars The Force Awakens panel stole the convention. Join us for a full review of all the action including a shot-by-shot breakdown of the impressive TFA Behind-The-Scenes reel screened at the event along with audio highlights featuring J.J. Abrams, Lawrence Kasdan and the cast of Episode VII. Plus, we have a contender for RFR's Outrageous Unthinkable Story of the Week Hall of Fame...Hasbro's Black Series Princess Leia (Slave Outfit) action figure has stirred up a storm in Philadelphia and you will be blown away when you hear what went down. We'll tell you what happened, why it happened, and we rant about it all. 

Have a great weekend and be sure to join us on Monday for a bonus episode of RFR!

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Star Wars Influences #12: The Positive Influence of Star Wars

Welcome back to Star Wars Influences! We haven't spoken to Paul Bateman since Star Wars Celebration Anaheim and he has a lot to say about the second trailer for The Force Awakens, the season two premiere of Star Wars Rebels, and the impact of Star Wars and how it influences him. Plus, Rogue One, Ralph McQuarrie, and inspiration within the fan community. 

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RebelForce Radio: July 3, 2015

Hot on the heels of the world premiere of Season Two of Star Wars RebelsDave Filoni joins us In The Cantina to answer our many questions about "The Seige of Lothal", Darth Vader, Ahsoka Tano and what is in the future for the crew of The Ghost. The Topps Star Wars Card Trader is one of the hottest apps on the market and we talk all about it with Neil Kleid from Topps Digital. Also, we preview Star Wars at the San Diego Comic Con and we review the latest news from The Force Awakens including analysis of some leaked product images. Plus, Star Wars in Pop Culture, our star-studded tribute to Christopher Lee, Chewbacca Headphones and more. 

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RebelForce Radio: June 26, 2015

The big video game industry event E3 happened earlier this month and there was plenty of info revealed about the new games on the horizon including Star Wars Battlefront.  IGN editor Mitch Dyer joins us to make sense of it all. We are expecting big changes at Disney Parks as the Star Wars footprint expands. Join us for an exclusive update! Plus, The return of The Force Awakens 15 Minute Spoiler Update, Wendy Snyder on the air and more.

Direct download: RebelForceRadio_062615_E3Update.mp3
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THE Roundtable is back with Sam Witwer, Kyle Newman and F.J. Desanto joining Jason Swank & Jimmy Mac to dig deep into everything that happened in the Season 2 premiere of Star Wars Rebels, "The Siege Of Lothal". We get down and dirty talking about the re-emergence of Darth Vader and his effect on Ahsoka and the crew of The Ghost, the rise of rebellion and the domination of the Empire as it puts the hammer down on Lothal. Plus, go behind the scenes with Sam as he talks about the process of bringing The Emperor to life.

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RebelForce Radio: June 19, 2015

It's the second annual RebelForce Radio Disney Star Wars Weekends Listener Meet Up and we are leaving NO FAN BEHIND. Join us as we go backstage to visit Ray Park (Darth Maul), Ashley Eckstein (Ahsoka Tano), Taylor Gray (Ezra Bridger) and host James Arnold Taylor (Obi-Wan Kenobi). Be there with us for the listener meet up as we podcast live from Disney's Hollywood Studios on The Streets of America. Then, ride Star Tours with Jimmy MacSteve GlossonStar Wars artist Kevin Liell and a Starspeeder 1000 packed with RFR listeners. We recap the entire weekend poolside from the Hilton Orlando Lake Buena Vista with Wendy Snyder (WGN Radio) including Frank Oz's first appearance at SWW, a Darth's Maul shopping spree, and Steve's wacky cameo at The Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular!

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RebelForce Radio: June 12, 2015

The Force Awakens novelization gets a release date putting an end to our epic debate from last week; Star Wars Uprising is in position to give us our first taste of the galaxy post-Return of the Jedi; Marvel's Star Wars comic looks to shake up what we know about Han Solo's romantic past; Rumors are running rampant about the cinematic futures of Boba Fett and Obi-Wan Kenobi; Billy Lourde speaks; Big Honkin' Steve sings; and Billy Dee's mind goes into the gutter when he thinks about the Sarlaac pit. All this and more on RFR! 

Direct download: RebelForceRadio_061215_StarWarsPod.mp3
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RebelForce Radio: June 5, 2015

Star Wars The Force Awakens news and a debate about the release of the novelization; George Lucas speaks up about Episode VII; More Star Wars Celebration Stories & behind the scenes recaps from days 3 & 4; Harrison Ford is back in the air; Star Wars Rebels news; A John Williams update; Disney's Star Wars Weekends; Barely Lethal giveaway and more!

Direct download: RebelForceRadio_060515_StarWarsPodC.mp3
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RebelForce Radio: May 29, 2015

Kyle Newman is back to give us all the deets about his new film Barely Lethal (now in theaters and on-demand) and his experience working with the talented cast including Samuel L. Jackson; We share behind-the-scenes stories from Star Wars Smuggler's Bounty with our Princess Leia, actress Catherine Taber; We celebrate the 35th anniversary of Empire and the 10th anniversary of Sith; Andy Serkis's character in The Force Awakens gets a name; More from Dave Filoni and the Untold Clone WarsStar Wars Detours, Billy Dee and more!

Direct download: RebelForceRadio_052915_SmugglersReca.mp3
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RebelForce Radio: May 22, 2015

Jason & Jimmy talk to Mos Eisley Cantina expert Tom Spina who provides us with analysis of The Force Awakens pix from Vanity Fair; Fresh casting news from Star Wars Rogue One; Carrie Fisher's daughter Billy Lourde addresses rumors; Pip Andersen talks about The Force Awakens; We confront Apple iTroopers and we shake up our spoiler policy...again.

Direct download: RebelForceRadio_052215_TomSpina.mp3
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RebelForce Radio: Monday May 18, 2015

As promised, here is the continuation of The Best of Star Wars Celebration Anaheim. We review highlights from the most popular panels including Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher and Ian McDiarmid. Plus, The Untold Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels panels with Dave Filoni, Freddie Prinze Jr and more. Also, we explain why it's important for you to watch Star Wars: The Clone Wars on Netflix, listener love for Asajj Ventress, and more from SWCA!

Direct download: RebelForceRadio_051815_BestOfSWCApt2_2.mp3
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RebelForce Radio: Friday May 15, 2015

Join RFR for the Best of Star Wars Celebration Anaheim! We have highlights from the most popular panels including the earth-shattering kickoff panel for The Force Awakens & the much anticipated Star Wars Battlefront. Plus, Dave Filoni & The Rebel Women Who Fought The Clone Wars‚Äč, Disney's Star Wars Weekends, spoiler policy reviewed and Hondo Ohnaka hits the show floor.

Direct download: RebelForceRadio_051515_BestOfSWCApt1.mp3
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RebelForce Radio: May 8, 2015

Star Wars is everywhere and RFR digs deep into the latest news, rumors and reveals. This week, we analyze the latest comments from J.J. Abrams, Bob Iger, and a new set of pix from the set of Star Wars: The Force Awakens courtesy of Vanity Fair. The teaser trailer for Star Wars Rogue One made it's debut at Star Wars Celebration...Hear what we think of it!  Plus, Josh Trank is out, Boba Fett is in, and Billy Dee is the "Baron of Smooth".  Do you think you may have seen Star Wars too many times? We take the test to determine if we have...Find out how we did! All this plus Mark Hamill tells RFR what blue milk tasted like and much more!

Direct download: RebelForceRadio_050815_StarWarsPodca.mp3
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RebelForce Radio: May 1, 2015: Celebration Recap

We recall our experiences as stage hosts for Star Wars Celebration including panel recaps, backstage stories, celebrity encounters, and Bith heads. From the RFR Celebration Kickoff Bash to all the action on the Behind The Scenes Stage and more, it's our review of that amazing week in Anaheim. Plus, deets about the second annual RebelForce Radio Disney Star Wars Weekends Meet Up, and Billy Dee gets very quoteworthy at Star Wars Celebration.

Direct download: RebelForceRadio_050115_CelebrationRe.mp3
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RebelForce Radio: The Force Awakens Trailer #2: Fan Feedback

You guys jammed the RebelForce Radio hotline voice mail inbox after the release of the amazing second teaser trailer for Star Wars The Force Awakens. Jimmy Mac has returned from Anaheim to listen to what you have to say. You heard us discuss the trailer indepth with Sam Witwer earlier this week. Now, hear Star Wars fans from all over the globe provide their feedback - Unscreened & unscripted. Join us as we turn the show over to you and your reaction to the latest tantalizing 2 minutes of Star Wars magic. 

Direct download: RebelForceRadio_042815_Trailer2FanRe.mp3
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RebelForce Radio: The Force Awakens Trailer #2 Reaction Show

Sam Witwer joins Jason Swank & Jimmy Mac for a complete and thorough analysis of the amazing second teaser trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. From the opening shot of the dunes of Jakku to the closing frame of Han & Chewie welcoming us all home, we rip thru the latest 2 minutes of magic from Lucasfilm. Now that the incredible experience of Star Wars Celebration Anaheim is behind us, join RFR as we look forward to December and the release of The Force Awakens with conversation you will not find anywhere else!

Direct download: RebelForceRadio_042515_TFATrailerRea.mp3
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RebelForce Radio Star Wars Celebration Kickoff Bash

Leaving no fan behind, RebelForce Radio kicks off Star Wars Celebration Anaheim with a very special podcast recorded live in front of a packed house at the Anaheim Sheridan.  Join us for laughs, music, celebrity guests and surprises as we bring our party to you! 

Direct download: RebelForceRadio_041615_RFRBash_1.mp3
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RebelForce Radio: April 10, 2015

With Star Wars Celebration Anaheim coming next week, RebelForce Radio is the only place you will hear all the hosts from the 3 main stages together. Joining Behind The Scenes Stage hosts Jimmy Mac & Jason Swank are David W. Collins (Digital Stage host) and Celebration Stage host James Arnold Taylor!  We preview highlights from the upcoming action-packed week of Star Wars insanity.  Force In The Flesh author Shane Turgeon is In The Cantina with the lowdown on what's happening in the Celebration Tattoo Pavilion and competition. Plus, your chance to get last-minute tickets for the RFR Celebration Kickoff BashStar Wars goes digital, and much more to get you fired up for Star Wars Celebration!

Direct download: RebelForceRadio_041015_StarWarsPodca.mp3
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RebelForce Radio: March 27, 2015

It's a RebelForce Radio miracle! Stephen Stanton returns to give us an amazing Death Star-sized update to our Star Wars Celebration ticket giveaway that will blow you away. Stephen also gives us the lowdown on what he has up his sleeve for the 501st party.  Geek Out Loud superstar Steve Glosson joins Jimmy Mac this week for a huge Celebration Anaheim Update with Star Wars artist extraordinaire Randy Martinez. We get all the deets from Randy about his booth at the show, and we review some of the Celebration programming schedule, including Smuggler's Bounty. You know him as the voice of Kit Fisto in Star Wars: The Clone Wars & Senator Bail Organa in Star Wars Rebels - Phil Lamarr talks to Jimmy Mac about working in Star Wars, Pulp Fiction, Mad TV and more! SOLD OUT! That's right, all the tix for the massive RFR Celebration Kickoff Bash are gone! We fill you in on what will be happening at the bash and who will be there. Plus, Star Wars Aftermath, some new buzz about the long-in-development live-action Star Wars TV show, Will Ferrell as Little Debbie, music and good times! RFR is a STAR WARS CELEBRATION for your ears!

Direct download: RebelForceRadio_032715_StarWarsPodca.mp3
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RebelForce Radio: March 20, 2015

Stephen Stanton joins us for a massive Star Wars Celebration ticket giveaway that knows no equal.  We have 2 pairs of four day passes that a couple of lucky RFR listeners will win!  Stephen sits in to hear your Star Wars stories from our voice-mail hotline and we choose winners.  Listen to the show to find out if it's you!  Of course, Star Wars Celebration means it's party time and we got the deets on how you can get tickets to the RebelForce Radio Celebration Bash. Internet pre-sales sold out swiftly. Now everyone gets a shot at purchasing a ticket to what will be the hottest Star Wars party in Anaheim. We tell you how! Plus, Rogue One gets a composer, Episode IX might have a director, a very Princess Leia-centric The Force Awakens 15 Minute Spoiler Alert, and much more.

Direct download: RebelForceRadio_032015_StarWarsPodca.mp3
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Star Wars Influences #11: Marvel Comics & Buck Rogers

Paul Bateman is back with Jimmy Mac to discuss all the things that inspired the Star Wars saga. For this show, we review the first releases of Marvel Star Wars comics, get Paul's take on the season finale for Star Wars Rebels, and get down and dirty with Buck Rogers as Paul provides a ton of connections between Buck and The 'Wars.

Direct download: RebelForceRadio_SWInfluences_011.mp3
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RebelForce Radio: March 13, 2015

Special Report: The first Star Wars standalone film has a title! Episode VIII has a release date! Listen to highlights from the Annual Disney Shareholders Meeting where these announcements were made by Disney head honcho Bob Iger along with our commentary. Following the heels of the amazing Star Wars Rebels season finale, these big announcements have fans buzzing. Speaking of Rebels, supervising director and executive producer Dave Filoni joins us for a extensive conversation about the return of Ahsoka to Star Wars, the death of the Inquisitor, a future surprise for fans of The Clone Wars, and the prospect of an Ahsoka/Vader showdown. Plus, Star Wars news including a Harrison Ford plane crash update, The Journey To The Force Awakens, phone calls from Nat and more.

Direct download: RebelForceRadio_031315_StarWarsPodcast.mp3
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Star Wars Rebels: Declassified: "Fire Across The Galaxy"

Everyone is talking Star Wars Rebels this week!  Here at RFR HQ, it's no different! So we are proud to present our season finale Declassified mega-show! Ashley Eckstein joins us In The Cantina for her first audio interview following the debut of Ahsoka Tano in Star Wars Rebels. Then we have a killer expanded roundtable discussion with Kyle Newman & F.J. DeSanto to discuss the thrilling season finale "Fire Across The Galaxy". Plus, breaking news about Harrison Ford crash landing his plane in Santa Monica and more.

Direct download: SWRebelsDeclassified_013_FireAcrossT.mp3
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RebelForce Radio: February 27, 2015

Do you have your tickets to Star Wars Celebration Anaheim? Maybe you cannot afford them? Fear not, Force-Fanatic, RFR is leaving no fan behind with our 2015 Star Wars Celebration Anaheim Ticket Giveaway! Listen and learn how you can become eligible to win a pair of 4-day passes to the most anticipated Star Wars event of the spring!  We have 2 chances for you to win! Plus, Ming Chen from AMC's Comic Book Men joins us In The Cantina to discuss The 'Wars, Kevin Smith, and growing up a Star Wars fan. And, we review the most recent comments from J.J. Abrams about The Force AwakensMark Draven from the Celebration Tattoo Pavilion helps solve a mystery, Harrison Ford looks into the crystal ball, and our Almost Famous 15 Minute Spoiler Alert gets you caught up on the latest Episode VII rumors. And that's just scratching the surface of all the great Star Wars audio awesomeness we have for you this week on RFR!

RebelForce Radio along with Star Wars Rebels actor Stephen Stanton would like all Star Wars fans to check out all the great work being done by The Starlight Foundation. Click HERE to learn more about this great organization and to donate.

Direct download: RebelForceRadio_022715_StarWarsPodca.mp3
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Star Wars Rebels: Declassified: "Rebels Resolve"

We got a cliffhanger! The penultimate episode of Star Wars Rebels season one, "Rebel Resolve", continues to follow the crew of The Ghost in their pursuit to rescue Kanan from Imperial captivity with the episode ending unresolved. What an amazing set-up for the season finale!  Joining us at the RFR Roundtable to discuss "Rebel Resolve" are two incredible panelists:  Star Wars fiction editor for Del Rey Erich Schoeneweiss and Fangirls Going Rogue's Teresa Delgado

Direct download: SWRebelsDeclassified_012_RebelResolv.mp3
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Star Wars Rebels head writer Henry Gilroy joins us In The Cantina to talk about the first season of the show, season two and more. Star Wars scholar Mike Klimo give us the lowdown on his fascinating "Star Wars Ring Theory". Plus, audio highlights featuring Mark Hamill talking about The Force Awakens & George Lucas at Sundance. Top it off with our "15 Minute Spoiler Alert" and you got a complete Star Wars audio experience to kick off your weekend!

Direct download: RebelForceRadio_022015_StarWarsPodca.mp3
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RebelForce Radio: February 13, 2015

Is the release date of Star Wars: The Force Awakens being moved again? We review the week in Star Wars news with a slew of audio highlights, including recent comments by director J.J. Abrams, Mark Hamill and more. Also, we get to know Star Wars standalone screenwriter Gary Whitta and we have deets about Carrie Fisher's daughter being drafted into The Wars. Plus, a Star Wars Celebration update, John Boyega speaks, and we check in with our current fave Jedi Liam Neeson. Friday is RebelForce Radio day...Star Wars Celebration for your ears!

Direct download: RebelForceRadio_021315_StarWarsPodca.mp3
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Star Wars Rebels: Declassified: "Call To Action"

Fresh off his performance as the evil Tarkin in Star Wars Rebels "Call To Action", Stephen Stanton joins Jimmy & Jason to discuss his portrayal as the evil Grand Moff. Stephen shares some amazing behind the scenes stories, including the original title for the episode and more. Also joining us at the RFR roundtable is Scott Allen from the legendary 501st Legion. This is a first for RebelForce Radio as we've never conducted a Declassified discussion featuring an actual actor from the episode itself. EPIC! 

Direct download: SWRebelsDeclassified_011_CallToActio.mp3
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RebelForce Radio: February 6, 2015

Coming in 2016, the first Star Wars spin-off standalone film has been flying under the radar...Until now. Big news broke this week about casting, while new rumors continue to pick up steam. Star Wars artist and UK film insider Paul Bateman returns to RFR to analyze the news with insight only Paul could provide.  Plus, more of that famous (or infamous) Bateman Boba Fett speculation.  The big grand opening of the latest Star Wars museum exhibit, Star Wars and The Power of Costume, was last weekend in Seattle. Fangirls Going Rouge's Tricia Barr was there and she give us the behind-the-scenes scoop.  All this along with Little Debbie giveaways, new music, Rancho Obi-WanThe Shorty Awards and The Billy Dee Quote of the Week

Direct download: RebelForceRadio_020615_StarWarsPodca.mp3
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Star Wars Rebels: Declassified: "Vision of Hope"

Ezra experiences a vision of the future and the crew of The Ghost goes on a mission to rescue a senator. Or are they walking into a trap? It's another week and that means another episode of Star Wars Rebels: Declassified. Joining moderator Jason Swank & Jimmy Mac at the RFR Roundtable is noted Star Wars artist, Ralph McQuarrie protege, and host of Star Wars Influences Paul Bateman

Direct download: SWRebelsDeclassified_010_VisionOfHop.mp3
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RebelForce Radio: January 30, 2015

How did Padme Amidala die? Was it a "broken heart"? Was it a Force choke from Anakin?  Or was it something (or someone) we've never considered before?  We discuss the eye-opening article "Padmé Didn’t Die of a Broken Heart: There’s something you missed" with it's authorRetroZap blogger Joseph Tavano. Plus, the return of our 15 Minute Star Wars: The Force Awakens Spoiler Alert, news about the first stand-alone film, recent comments from Ewan McGregor & Oscar Isaac, and much more!

Direct download: RebelForceRadio_013015_StarWarsPodca.mp3
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RebelForce Radio: January 23, 2015

Star Wars headlines this week: Billy Dee returns as Lando in Star Wars Rebels. RFR gets some ink in a national newsstand publication. And, George Lucas makes controversial comments about how his contributions to The Force Awakens have been scrapped. Plus, Star Wars meets Pawn Stars, Listener Mail, and more sequel casting rumors. 

Direct download: RebelForceRadio_012315_StarWarsPodca.mp3
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Star Wars Rebels: Declassified: "Idiot's Array"

Billy Dee Williams returns as Lando Calrissian in the latest episode of Star Wars Rebels "Idiot's Array". What did we think of Billy Dee's debut in Rebels? Did he bring more character or caricature to his performance? Does the depiction of early Lando jibe with what we know about the character in The Empire Strikes Back? We talk about it all on this episode with our special guests - Official Star Wars artist Randy Martinez and co-author of the upcoming Star Wars Visual Guide, Fangirls Going Rogue's Tricia Barr.

Direct download: SWRebelsDeclassified_009_IdiotsArray.mp3
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RebelForce Radio: January 16, 2015

The Force Awakens...Star Wars Detours...Rebels...and more. Star Wars is everywhere these days and we are here with your weekly breakdown of everything important happening in the galaxy far, far away. We've got rumors about a potential massive Star Wars digital content dump maybe coming this spring, And, we discuss Gary Whitta's current standing as a Star Wars screenwriter. Plus, Galactic Heroes; actor Donald Faison talks Wars vs Trek; Billy Dee brings Lando to Rebels; and we review recent comments from Oscar Isaac, Liam Neeson & J.J. Abrams. And that's just scratching the surface of all the cool Star Wars stuff happening this week on RFR. Listen now!

Direct download: RebelForceRadio_011615_WeeklyRFR.mp3
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Paul Bateman returns with Jimmy Mac to bring you amazing analysis of Star Wars: The Force Awakens recently leaked concept art & action figure images.  Also this episode, Paul talks about the Ralph McQuarrie inspired Christmas artwork he created during the holiday season for Lucasfilm.  And, we review two great books: Star Wars Costumes and Star Wars Storyboards. Plus, Bantha's beheaded, Kenny Baker goes for a spin, Smuggler's Bounty and more!

Direct download: RebelForceRadio_SWInfluences_010.mp3
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RebelForce Radio: January 9, 2015

We are back for 2015 with a fresh ep of RFR! Join us this week for the latest news from The Force AwakensStar Wars in Pop Culture, and  hot info about upcoming Star Wars merch from Hasbro. We also have a Celebration Update to discuss the big announcement of our live audio drama "Smuggler's Bounty". Kyle Newman and F.J. DeSanto join us t0 share insider information about this amazing sequel to 2012's "Smuggler's Gambit", coming from us this April in Anaheim. Then, Kyle and F.J. stick around for our famous "15 Minute Spoiler Alert". Plus, The Simpsons, New Years Eve reports, talking Star Wars ornaments from Hallmark and more! 

Direct download: RebelForce_Radio__January_9_2015.mp3
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Star Wars Rebels: Declassified: "Path of the Jedi"

2015 is upon us and so are new episodes of Star Wars Rebels! Kicking off the second half of the season is "Path of the Jedi" - another great exploration into the Jedi and their connection to The Force. This episode features a powerful script and revelations about the nature of the Force. Plus, Frank Oz returns in the role of Jedi Master Yoda!  For such a momentous occasion, two powerful voices of Star Wars fandom were summoned - Kyle Newman and F.J. DeSanto join Jason & Jimmy at the roundtable to talk about "Path of the Jedi". 

Direct download: SWRebelsDeclassified_010715_PathOfTh.mp3
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