Rebel Force Radio: Star Wars Podcast
Rebel Force Radio: October 31, 2015: Happy Halloween

Spend Halloween with Rebel Force Radio as we bring you the latest STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS updates, fallout and reaction to the trailer, interview highlights from J.J. Abrams, reaction from John Boyega, and comments about the future of Luke Skywalker from Mark Hamill himself...back in 2005! Plus, special guest Steve Sansweet from Rancho Obi-Wan stops by to talk about their contributions to the latest Kraft Star Wars Mac 'n Cheese ad campaign, Galaween, and his thoughts on the TFA trailer. And what about Darth Vader's grandchildren? The Notorious G.L. himself demands to know! 

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Star Wars Rebels: Declassified: "Always Two There Are"

The second season of STAR WARS REBELS rolls along with the latest episode "Always Two There Are" and the debut of a new threat for the crew of The Ghost. Two new Inquisitors have turned up the heat in pursuit of Ahsoka and the rebels, while Ezra struggles to learn the ways of The Force.  We break down the episode and take a few moments to consider how it impacts the saga on a whole with our amazing roundtable panel featuring Australian comedian Steele Saunders ( and Toronto musician and lead singer of The Soles, Din Yalonen. 

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Rebel Force Radio: October 23, 2015

We bask in the wake of the record-setting trailer and ticket launch for STAR WARS THE FORCE AWAKENS and recap our own experiences scoring tix for the biggest movie of the decade. Then, we turn the show over to you as we feature listener v-mail and e-mail. We listen to your reactions, recorded in the minutes following the debut of the trailer. Speculation, rumor, analysis, and crazy wild guesses, nothing in this show is off limits! Plus, new info along with more strong opinions about the music from the trailer, further fallout in reaction to the official poster, and how both are influenced by the modern-day movie marketing machine.

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Star Wars Rebels: Declassified "Relics of the Old Republic"

STAR WARS REBELS continued the "Return of the Clones" arc with the action-packed "Relics of the Old Republic".  Joining us at the Rebels roundtable are the TechnoRetro Dads, Josh "Jedi Shua" Stolte and Stuart "Shazbazzar" Tullis. From AT-AT's in action to the reunion of Captain Rex and Ahsoka, we discuss it all.  Plus, for better or worse, we continue the debate: Is Luke Skywalker Middle or Lower Class?

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The Force Awakens Trailer Review

With much fanfare, the third trailer for STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS was released hours ago with a live premiere during ABC's MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL.  Minutes after the trailer debuted, we sat down at our microphones to bring you our immediate reaction, opinions and examination of this amazing new TFA sneak peek. Joining us out-of-the-box are council members F.J. DeSanto and Paul Bateman who have a lot to say as we break down the trailer shot-by-shot. Then stay tuned as Sam Witwer and Kyle Newman check in to share their thoughts on this cool new look at Ep VII.  Plus, we go live on WGN Radio Chicago with the Matt Bubala Show to share our STAR WARS knowledge and passion with a mainstream audience. From dialog to visuals to emotion, we cover it all on RFR!

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Rebel Force Radio: October 16, 2015

STAR WARS REBELS writer Steven Melching joins us In The Cantina to talk about writing Star Wars,  the return of the clones, and behind-the-scenes stories from season 2. STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS news is heating up! We have details and rumors about the next trailer, the next poster, the logo, the running time, and the possible rating designation. Plus, we go on a Star Wars toy run, Ziro The Hutt checks in, and we have more on the strained relationship between Darth Vader actor David Prowse and Lucasfilm. Script flub? We wrap it up with an investigation into whether or not Mark Hamill accidentally yelled "Carrie!" instead of "Leia" as the rebels celebrated at the conclusion of A NEW HOPE.

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Star Wars Rebels: Declassified "The Lost Commanders"

The RFR roundtable is back with Star Wars Rebels: Declassified. Season two is fully underway with the newest weekly episode "The Lost Commanders" and the return of Captain Rex. We discuss the return of some familiar characters from THE CLONE WARS and their impact on the Rebels universe with Tricia Barr (Fangirls Going Rogue) and Steve Glosson (Geek Out Loud). 

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Rebel Force Radio: October 13, 2015

Join Jimmy and Jason Live from Cleveland as we count down the weeks til THE FORCE AWAKENS; Sarah Michelle Gellar in REBELS; Boba Fett Casting Rumors; David Prowse Documentary; News from NYCC; STAR WARS EPISODE VIII and Benecio del Toro; TOPPS Star Wars Trading Cards; Trivia Contest and more. 

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Star Wars Influences #14: Part 2: Visually Enhanced

We are proud to present the second part of this month's Star Wars Influences with new visual enhancement!  Paul Bateman provides a follow-up to Sheldon Norton's RFR report on "21-87" and it's impact on a young George Lucas.  The spotlight then shines on Original Trilogy concept artist and all-around utility player extraordinaire Joe Johnston. Paul give us the lowdown on Joe's career, artwork, technique, and inspirations. Listen to the show or follow along with our visual accompaniment on your mobile device, laptop, or desktop computer.  And be sure to listen to Part One if you haven't already to get the full Influences experience!

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Star Wars Influences #14: Part 1: Visually Enhanced

Welcome to the first episode of Star Wars Influences featuring visual enhancement. Use your mobile device, laptop or desktop to see what we are talking about. Star Wars artist Paul Bateman is back to give us a review of the new THE FORCE AWAKENS action figures; Fan love for BB-8; A close look at some ROGUE ONE helmets leaked by actor Donnie Yen and more. This is part one of a two-parter. Come back in a few days for part two! 

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Rebel Force Radio: October 2, 2015

A Chicago Tribune feature on RFR and original generation STAR WARS fans in middle-age hit the stands this week; Disney releases new info about "Season of the Force" and we continue to question the future of "Star Wars Weekends"; Tim Rose returns to play Admiral Ackbar in THE FORCE AWAKENS; The Clones return in STAR WARS REBELS season 2; Catching up with John Boyega, Daisy Ridley, and plenty of "Outrageous Unthinkable Stories". All this plus a toilet paper roll dispenser that sounds like Chewbacca.  

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