Rebel Force Radio: Star Wars Podcast
RebelForce Radio: August 21, 2015

Your Source for the Force is back to review another busy week of breaking Star Wars news including all the big reveals from D23 in Anaheim. We have audio highlights from J.J. Abrams, Harrison Ford, John Boyega, Oscar Isaac and more. Disney head honcho Bob Iger blew away the D23 audience with a big announcement about the currently-in-development Star Wars land coming to Disney Theme Parks. We take you there for his announcement then get down and dirty with details & speculation.  Plus, Rogue One cast announced, Episode IX gets a director, Drew Struzan returns to Star Wars, we have a Smuggler's Bounty update and more!

Have a great weekend!  Please note: No Weekly RFR next week as we will be on vacation. But be on the look out for Star Wars Oxygen next Friday instead. We will return for Force Friday on Sept. 4th with a huge show and special guests!

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RebelForce Radio: August 14, 2015

Entertainment Weekly's Anthony Breznican joins us for a complete review of his new cover story for EW spotlighting Star Wars The Force Awakens. We discuss the latest production reports, quotes from the creative team, revealing photos from the set and some news about the upcoming Han Solo Anthology film. Plus, new action figures for the upcoming Star Wars film are starting to trickle out to retail early. Hear what we think! Also hitting the web, a picture of a very prominent Jedi in his full wardrobe. We react to these latest leaks and much more this week on RFR: Destination Star Wars.

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Star Wars Influences #13

Paul Bateman is back with Jimmy Mac to discuss the latest issues of Star Wars Marvel Comics including likes and dislikes. The topic of the month: John Carter of Mars. Hear how the Edgar Rice Burroughs's 100+ year old sci-fi saga impacted Star Wars and influenced George Lucas. Paul has a complete breakdown and expert eye-opening analysis that you will not want to miss!  Plus, Star Wars Radio Dramas, The Force AwakensRogue One and more! 

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RebelForce Radio: August 7, 2015

HUGE update on the RebelForce Radio documentary, “When The Galaxy Listens” with Toronto filmmaker Sheldon Norton, including a full recap of Sheldon’s trip with Jimmy Mac to Skywalker Ranch;  Dave Filoni sits down with Jimmy at Lucasfilm Headquarters at the Presidio in San Francisco for a laid back and candid conversation; Steve Sansweet joins us with news from Rancho Obi-Wan; More on the Secret History of Michael Jackson & Star Wars. And, who will win a million credits to the TOPPS Star Wars Card Trader App? Could it be you? Stay tuned as we announce our lucky winners! And our popular Little Debbie Galactic Snack Pack Giveaway is back and more!

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RebelForce Radio: July 31,2015

Fallout from the Slave Leia action figure controversy; Top headlines & casting rumors from The Force AwakensRogue One, and Episode VIII; The potential future of live action Star Wars TV on Netflix; the secret history of Michael Jackson & Jar Jar Binks;  listener voice mail and more. Plus find out how YOU can win a million credits to the TOPPS Star Wars Card Trader App in our exclusive RFR giveaway!

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