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Omega and Crosshair are on the run in "A Different Approach." Join us for the RFR After Show as we go under the hood of this latest action-packed episode of THE BAD BATCH, featuring your calls (Patreon members first!) and superchats with some amazing thoughts and theories from your fellow STAR WARS fans!

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THE RFR AFTER SHOW IS BACK and diving deep into the exciting three-part season premiere of THE BAD BATCH! Picking up where season two left off, we'll be talking about "Confined", "Paths Unknown" and "Shadows of Tantiss". Get ready for detailed discussion, in-depth analysis, and listener phone calls and theories with fellow STAR WARS fans.

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The next STAR WARS streaming series, THE ACOLYTE, is coming this summer. We discuss what we know about the story and listen to comments from showrunner Leslye Headland to find clues. Former MANDALORIAN actor Gina Carano made waves last week by revealing her lawsuit against Lucasfilm for wrongful termination. We listen to new comments from Gina explaining why she wants to move forward with litigation and the challenges she’s encountered since losing her gig. We also consider the future for the character Cara Dune and wonder if there is a chance Gina will return to the role. Could the character get recast with a new actor? We speculate! We also continue our search for the “new” Wilhelm Scream with fresh evidence gathered by the RFR Investigative Report Team. Plus, THE PHANTOM MENACE celebrates its 25th anniversary this year with a return to the theaters, STAR WARS kitchen items, Sith Lightning, STAR WARS in Pop Culture and more!

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The Gina Carano controversy resurfaced this week as she finally filed a lawsuit against Lucasfilm claiming she was unfairly terminated from the role of Cara Dune on THE MANDALORIAN. We review the complaint and speculate about the eventual outcome. We offer our condolences to the family of Carl Weathers as the legendary actor behind Greef Carga sadly passed away. We pay tribute to Carl with audio highlights from his career as a member of the STAR WARS family along with reaction from Dave Filoni. We also raise a Red (Han) Solo Cup to the late country music superstar Toby Keith. Plus, more discussion about the upcoming “Rey Skywalker” film with audio from Daisy Ridley and FANBOYS celebrates its 15th anniversary.

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We present a collection of the latest rumors about upcoming STAR WARS films and break them down to determine if they are potentially true or potentially false. From Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy to James Mangold to Dave Filoni, we look at the order in which their movies will be released. Plus, really interesting rumors about Shawn Levy’s STAR WARS project and how it ties into the big picture. We have interview highlights from Daisy Ridley about her future in STAR WARS and AHSOKA’s Natasha Liu Bordizzo talks about Sabine’s connection to The Force. Plus, listener feedback, STAR WARS in Pop Culture, and we get grumpy discussing the potholes of STAR WARS memorabilia collecting.

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