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“More witches!” We take our first steps into a larger world this week with a whole new "Far, Far Away" galaxy to explore! The hunt for Ezra is underway as Baylan Skoll's motives begin to surface while the “Heir to the Empire” plots his return. Break it all down with us on the RFR Ahsoka After Show featuring your calls, thoughts, theories and observations!

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In the wake of the ultimate CLONE WARS reunion in AHSOKA Part 5 "Shadow Warrior", we respond to listener feedback and continue our analysis with leftover "Superchats" from the AHSOKA After Show livestream. Plus, we spotlight recently released interview comments from Hera actress Mary Elizabeth Winstead, director Peter Ramsey, and showrunner Dave Filoni. But it's not ALL AHSOKA this week! We react to breaking news that confirms the LANDO series will not be a series at all; it will be a feature film. We also have updates on Shawn Levy's and Taika Waititi's upcoming STAR WARS films. And, we check in with the current resident at ILM's original Bay Area home, Sean House of 32Ten Studios, who shares some unfortunate news about the future of the historic studio.

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Ahsoka battles her way through the World Between Worlds while Hera searches for her missing friends. But that's just a fraction of what is really happening this week on AHSOKA with Part 5: "Shadow Warrior." Join us for a deep dive into this DREAM episode on the RFR AHSOKA After Show and be part of the discussion

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We plunge ourselves into The World Between Worlds and look back at comments from Dave Filoni about the meaning and purpose of this mystical dimension. We eavesdrop on a conversation between screenwriter/journalist Cole Haddon and Jimmy Mac about the impact of Grand Admiral Thrawn since his introduction and question why author Timothy Zahn doesn’t receive more credit for the creation of the character. We’ve collected audio interview highlights with AHSOKA’s Diana Lee Inosanto (Morgan Elsbeth) and Ivanna Shakno (Shin Hati). Plus we go clubbin’ with Puppet Lando! What does THAT mean? You gotta listen to find out!

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In Part 4, we learn more about "Fallen Jedi" Baylan Skoll as he faces his "inevitable" battle with Ahsoka while Sabine gets a rematch with Shin and Hera shows the New Republic what a Rebel she truly is. Join us for a breakdown of this fascinating and refreshing episode of AHSOKA with your thoughts and theories

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There has been a ton of speculation about who really is the mystery Inquisitor appearing in AHSOKA named Marrock. Is he a character we already know? Could it be the Starkiller from THE FORCE UNLEASHED? We want to know so the first place to look is at the talent providing the voice for Marrock. But who is that individual? We take a line of Marrock dialog from the series and run it through the RFR Sound Lab to try to deconstruct the vocal processing and identify the voice actor. You'll want to hear the results! Plus more from AHSOKA including fan reaction and analysis of the cool rock tune heard in the first episode as Sabine bolted from Lothal City, "Igyah Kah".  Plus, we feature a massive STAR WARS In Pop Culture segment fueled by your suggestions. And, we pay tribute to a couple of well-loved members of the STAR WARS fan community who recently passed, Marcus Dohring from the 501st and Rancho Obi-Wan's Stewart Levy.

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It's "Time to Fly" with Ahsoka, Sabine and Rebel Force Radio with an all-new After Show! Join us for another deep dive into the latest live-action entry of the STAR WARS saga. Ahsoka and Sabine are now reunited and on the trail of Morgan, Baylan and Shin while Hera tries her hand at diplomacy. How does this episode stack up, and how does it advance the story? 

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Don't miss out on this epic moment for Star Wars fandom! Join us for Rebel Force Radio's AHSOKA After Show livestream, where we delve deep into the thrilling first two episodes of the latest live-action series from Lucasfilm. Prepare to dissect every lightsaber clash, uncover hidden Easter eggs, and explore the story that creator Dave Filoni is throwing down with us. Whether you're a die-hard Ahsoka fan or this is your first taste of Tano, this livestream is the place to be. Let's celebrate, analyze, and critique this new chapter of our beloved saga together.

Watch each AHSOKA After Show LIVE on YouTube, Wednesdays at 8pm ET

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AHSOKA will be upon us next week and we are ready for it! We share our final speculation about the series and look at some early spoiler-free reviews, fresh promo footage, and newly released comments from Filoni and Favreau. Joining us to ride the hype wave is comedian, podcaster, artist, cosplay superstar and friend of RFR - Chris “Baby Belushi” Sorrentino - who shares hilarious stories from “Impractical Jokers” and his chance encounter with young Leia Organa herself, Vivian Lyra Blair. Plus, is there a new STAR WARS animated series announcement coming soon? We look at recently uncovered evidence and more!

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New AHSOKA preview footage has been revealed. We review it all and provide predictions. We collected a bunch of fresh comments from AHSOKA star Rosario Dawson and picked apart everything she had to say about the upcoming series. We look back at Ahsoka Tano’s past, focusing on the character's debut and the rocky road she traveled to fan acceptance. Plus, prepping for AHSOKA with STAR WARS REBELS and more! 

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Did you know the man behind Pee Wee Herman, Paul Reubens, was also known for a few STAR WARS contributions? We pay tribute to Pee Wee and look back at his greatest STAR WARS moments while looking ahead to AHSOKA. Will Thrawn be the main antagonist? What’s up with Ezra? Who is the mysterious Inquisitor Marrok? We discuss! The highly anticipated STAR WARS HOLIDAY SPECIAL documentary “A Disturbance in the Force '' is on the way! Director Steven Kozak joins us with an update on the doc and his companion book coming this fall. Hear juicy behind-the-scenes stories about Harrison Ford’s make-out skills, Peter Mayhew’s small car, David Prowse’s acting chops and Jefferson Starship’s very un-Jedi wardrobe. Plus, surprise updates on Donald Glover’s LANDO series, Temeura Morrison’s KENOBI clone trooper, and John Boyega rates The Sequel Trilogy. And, we giveaway a rare Boba Fett poster signed by Daniel Logan!

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Since George Lucas first put pencil to paper, STAR WARS storytelling has always had it’s foundations steeped in the magic of myth and it continues in the stories being told today. Our own “Jedi Yogi” John Marcoux is back to break down the latest season of THE MANDALORIAN as seen thru his knowledge of ancient legend, myth, and storytelling across a varied spectrum of historic perspectives. Was Din the main Mandalorian in season 3? John gives us the lowdown! Along with heavy analysis of The Mythosaur, Bo Katan’s journey, and The Darksaber. We hit the road with Daniel Logan! Listen to the full report of our wacky weekend road trip with the "Attack of the Clones" superstar! Will Temuera Morrison appear as Capt. Rex in AHSOKA? We look for clues! Plus, Keanu Reeves joins THE ACOLYTE, STAR WARS collectible news fresh from San Diego Comic Con, and “Mandoween” is coming.

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With no STAR WARS films until 2026, we look ahead to upcoming streaming series AHSOKA and THE ACOLYTE with interview highlights, conversation, speculation and leaked footage. What’s up with LANDO? We give you the lowdown on what’s really going on with the much-delayed series via some insider info. We get into the business of STAR WARS featuring Bob Iger comments about cost cuts at Disney. Plus, “Star Wars in Pop Culture” features Harrison Ford vs Conan O’Brien, ROGUE ONE reshoots and more!

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With the debut of AHSOKA a little over a month away, the marketing machine at Lucasfilm is starting to kick things into gear with the release of an all-new full trailer for the upcoming series. We pick apart the new footage looking for hints and clues. INDIANA JONES AND THE DIAL OF DESTINY is finally in theaters and we share our spoiler-heavy reviews and opinions. Director James Mangold is moving from Indy to STAR WARS as he's currently prepping his "Dawn of the Jedi" film. We have some fresh comments from Mangold about not only his upcoming STAR WARS film, but his scrapped BOBA FETT film. Plus, listener voicemail prompts speculation about the upcoming Rey Skywalker follow-up film starring Daisy Ridley, and PUPPET LANDO is back with the world premiere of his all-new song, "This Deal Is Getting Worse All The Time".

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We review THE MANDALORIAN season 3 with new behind-the-scenes info and interviews with the cast and crew via DISNEY GALLERY. We have highlights from Jon Favreau, Dave Filoni, Doug Chaing, Jack Black and more! We look ahead to the upcoming STAR WARS film featuring Daisy Ridley as Kathy Kennedy claims Rey made "a promise to Luke Skywalker" and we try to figure out exactly what the hell she's talking about. Plus, listener feedback about Dark Siders escaping death, the potential of a live action Capt. Rex in AHSOKA and more!

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With STAR WARS films several years away, our focus is the streaming series. This week, we collected cool interview highlights from the casts of AHSOKA, ANDOR, and THE MANDALORIAN himself, Pedro Pascal, who reveals he hasn’t been under the helmet much lately. Will we see live action recreations of classic animated moments from Ahsoka Tano’s history?  Will Grogu play a role in the story? Should the famous STAR WARS opening crawl be included in streaming series, like AHSOKA, or should it be reserved for the films only? Star Wars in Pop Culture features SUCCESSION, NEWHART and introduces us to the fandom of the NBA’s 2023 #1 draft pick, Victor Wembanyama of the San Antonio Spurs. Plus, Hera’s goggles, Galaxy’s Edge, and the mystery of Fake Mace.

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This week, fans learned we will be getting three new STAR WARS films over the course of a year and a half starting in May 2026. We look closely at the schedule and break it all down. A surprise video game was announced this week - STAR WARS OUTLAWS. We review the trailer, the characters, and the visuals. Listener voicemail triggers speculation about the upcoming AHSOKA series, we review interview highlight clips featuring Kathy Kennedy on the future films, and Diego Luna talking ANDOR with OBI-WAN KENOBI’s Hayden Christensen and more!

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The premiere date for AHSOKA has been set and the hype is underway with a new Empire Magazine cover story revealing new looks at the characters and an interview with Dave Filoni. We review the new info and speculate about what may go down in the series. Plus, we have new interview highlights from Mark Hamill and ANDOR showrunner Tony Gilroy, Star Wars in Pop Culture, listener feedback and more.

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The weekly RFR podcast is LIVE this week! Watch as we record the latest episode of Rebel Force Radio. Mark Hamill talks about his future in Star Wars with Esquire magazine, the late AHSOKA actor Ray Stevenson reveals more about his character Baylan Skoll to Entertainment Tonight, and with Pedro Pascal's near-total absence from the set, we discuss just who IS THE MANDALORIAN?

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Jeff Yorkes, co-creator of THE MUPPETS MAYHEM is a huge STAR WARS fan. Jeff shares behind-the-scenes stories from the new hit Disney+ Muppet series and tales from his STAR WARS fandom, including his project with Topher Grace - STAR WARS ALWAYS - and his work on RETURN TO RETURN OF THE JEDI and FANBOYS. Of course, Jeff provides all the answers to the famous Yoda Questionnaire! In news headlines, we’re saddened to hear of the passing of AHSOKA actor Ray Stephenson. We review highlights of Ray’s appearance at last month’s Star Wars Celebration. Natalie Portman revealed in a recent interview that she’s open to returning to Star Wars and we have the highlights. Plus, the Star Wars hotel Galactic Starcruiser will be taking its final "cruise" and what’s the deal with MANDALORIAN cod-pieces?

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Actor Todd Stashwick from STAR TREK PICARD joins us In The Cantina to discuss his fan-favorite character from the hit show, Captain Liam Shaw. Todd shares stories from starting his acting career at Second City in Chicago to his participation in not only the hugely successful STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION reunion, but his contributions to another famous TV reunion. Of course, Todd is a huge STAR WARS fan and we go deep into his fandom, tattoos, and memories. He’s definitely “one of us”! Plus, Urkel joins SKELETON CREW, listener feedback, Star Wars in Pop Culture and more! 

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We have the latest STAR WARS news, exclusive rumors and insider info! Plus, highlights from Carrie Fisher's Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony and we go deep into The Wilhelm Scream!  Plus, JEDI SURVIVOR, Star Wars toilets and more!

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It's a special RFR May the 4th Livestream call-in show! The RFR switchboard was open all night for your calls! Did you see RETURN OF THE JEDI return to theaters this week? Did you watch STAR WARS VISIONS? Did you play JEDI SURVIVOR? What about recent comments from Temeura Morrison about THE MANDALORIAN season three? We take your calls and your pulse on all things from a galaxy far, far away on this RFR STAR WARS DAY special event.

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That's a wrap for Season 3, but is that it for the drama surrounding Moff Gideon, the Darksaber, the fate of Mandalore, and Grogu's parentage? Is the tidy bow placed at the end just a distraction for what comes next? Join us for a deep dive into the living waters of chapter 24, "The Return," on RFR's MANDALORIAN After Show featuring listener feedback and live calls with your thoughts and theories about not only this episode, but Season 3 on a whole.

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The newly-reunited Mandalorians return to their home planet and encounter danger, surprises, and a resurgent threat to the galaxy in Chapter 23: "The Spies". Join RFR for a fun and lively discussion about this episode of THE MANDALORIAN and what it means for the coming season conclusion next week.

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Big reveals about AHSOKA, SKELETON CREW, ANDOR, THE ACOLYTE! Three new films, three new original series, and new seasons for old favorites. That's just the tip of the spire of the news that came out of STAR WARS Celebration London 2023. Join RFR for the conclusion of our convention coverage as we break down what was revealed and what questions remain. Plus, your thoughts and observations.

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Three directors and three new STAR WARS films were officially announced at the convention in London! Plus, the trailer for AHSOKA! RFR is here for all of it and YOU as we break it down along with your takes on what was revealed and its impact on our beloved franchise. Plus, surprise calls from Kyle Newman and F.J. DeSanto!

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Bo-Katan begins her journey to reunite the Mandalorian people, but first, she and Din Djarin must solve a mysterious pattern of malfunctioning droids on an opulent world. And what's the deal with all those celebrity cameos? Did they help or hurt the episode? Don't miss our full review, complete with your chats, comments, and phone calls.

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The RFR BAD BATCH After Show Livestream returns with our review and analysis of the shocking season two double feature finale, "The Summit" and "Plan 99." We break down both thrilling episodes and we get a surprise call from the voice of Governor Tarkin himself, Stephen Stanton!

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Mando's covert is asked to help High Magistrate Greef Karga and his citizens save Nevarro from invading Pirates led by Gorian Shard. Plus, what's the deal with that space wreckage discovered by Carson Teva? It's the beginning of the second half of season three, so don't miss RFR's After Show as we review this episode, complete with your chats, comments, and phone calls.

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RFR's BAD BATCH After Show returns with a double feature review of "Pabu" and "Tipping Point" from Season 2. Has Clone Force 99 finally found Paradise? Will Crosshair find freedom? Join us for an in-depth analysis of these episodes, plus your comments, live chat and phone calls!

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It's back to a high-flying adventure this week on THE MANDALORIAN! Chapter 20: "The Foundling" begins to answer some long-held questions as Grogu's next steps to becoming a Mandalorian are interwoven with a daring rescue mission led by Bo-Katan. Easter eggs, references, reveals, and a surprise cameo that caught everyone off guard! Join us as we review this episode complete with your chats, comments, and phone calls.

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From the mines of Mandalore to the hushed corners of Coruscant society, Chapter 19 of THE MANDALORIAN offers a fascinating look into the state of the galaxy during the early days of the New Republic. Don't miss it as we break it all down, complete with your comments and phone calls, including a surprise call from F.J. DeSanto!

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Crosshair is back in the spotlight this week as his loyalty to the Empire continues to be tested. Join us as we discuss this latest episode with your thoughts, theories and observations.

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Din Djarin and Grogu journey to the living waters of Mandalore this week, and it's a banger of an episode! Don't miss our breakdown Chapter 18: "The Mines of Mandalore," along with your comments, chats and phone calls.

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Clone Force 99 find a mysterious ship and an infamous creature this week and RFR is there for it. Join us for RFR's BAD BATCH After Show Livestream to discuss this latest episode, featuring your thoughts, theories and observations.

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THE MANDALORIAN returns with the highly anticipated Season 3 premiere: Chapter 17, "The Apostate." Join us for a lively discussion as we welcome back Din Djarin, Grogu (Sweet, Sweet Baby Yoda), Greef Karga, and more! Plus, we're giving away a pair of Mandalorian Special Edition headphone from Logitech. And, we feature your thoughts and observations as we kick off another exciting season of RFR's THE MANDALORIAN After Show!

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We’re counting down the days until the new season of THE MANDALORIAN kicks off! We look ahead to season 3 and everything else, like SKELETON CREW, with Paul Bateman and feature an all-new MANDALORIAN tribute song “This Is The Way” by Jeff Ulicny. Plus, audio highlights from a recent Pedro Pascal interview. Liam Neeson recently revealed some STAR WARS fatigue by criticizing the output of spinoffs. We breakdown what he said and reach out with The Force to find more answers. Plus, we review behind-the-scenes info from OBI-WAN KENOBI director Deborah Chow and answer listener questions about Sith Lightning.

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The Batch meets some shady characters as they attempt to retrieve the Havoc Marauder in this action-heavy second part of the "Ipsium Mine Duology".

Direct download: BadBatch10_S2_022223.mp3
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New reports suggest the return of Bob Iger is resulting in a leaner, meaner Disney. With imminent announcements regarding a return to the silver screen, how will cutbacks affect the quantity and quality of future STAR WARS content? Are we getting too much STAR WARS, or not enough? Popular STAR WARS artist Matt Busch joins us In The Cantina to talk about his fandom and his upcoming film ALADDIN 3477 featuring inspiration and easter eggs from a galaxy far, far away. Plus, George Lucas vs The Autograph Collectors, Star Wars Role Playing Games, and more on the now-legendary “F*** The Empire” edit of the ANDOR season finale.

Direct download: RFR_021723_StarWarsPodcast.mp3
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We start the back half of STAR WARS: THE BAD BATCH Season 2 with another mission of the week as Clone Force 99 attempts to extract an unstable element from a hostile world. 

Direct download: BadBatch09_S2_021523.mp3
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The original STAR WARS trilogy was famously recreated as audio dramas for public radio networks in the 80s and 90s. “The Winds That Shook The Stars” is the complete, unauthorized oral history of the STAR WARS radio dramas and will hit bookshelves this summer. We get a preview of the book from authors John and Mary Jo Tenuto, who share behind-the-scenes stories, trivia, and new info never before presented anywhere else. Plus, we spotlight some of the more famous voices heard in the radio dramas and more. Plus, we listen closely to Bail Organa’s voice in the latest episode of THE BAD BATCH and we review MANDALORIAN jokes from Pedro Pascal’s Saturday Night Live monologue.

Direct download: RFR_021023_StarWarsPodcast1.mp3
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It's a double batch this week with two episodes to review. Get your tin foil hats ready as we dive into "The Clone Conspiracy," followed by "Truth and Consequences," which features a long-teased appearance of the Emperor himself.

Direct download: BadBatch07-08_S2_020823.mp3
Category:Rebel Force Radio -- posted at: 12:06am CDT

Filmmaker and Friend of the Show F.J. DeSanto (Transformers: War for Cybertron) joins us In The Cantina with an ANDOR recap, a look ahead to AHSOKA, and his predictions for season three of THE MANDALORIAN. We listen to highlights dating back to 2015 from Dave Filoni discussing the origin of THE BAD BATCH and the history behind ideas presented in this week’s episode “Tribe”. Plus, Star Wars In Pop Culture and we pay tribute to Cindy Williams and David Crosby by acknowledging their unique places in STAR WARS history and fandom.

Direct download: RFR_020323_StarWarsPodcast.mp3
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The Batch is on a mission to help a fugitive Jedi this week and they return to a familiar planet. Join us for our review and discussion of "Tribe" on the RFR BAD BATCH After Show Livestream featuring your calls, thoughts and observations!

Direct download: BadBatch06_S2_020123_1.mp3
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We analyze a secretly released trailer for THE MANDALORIAN season 3 featuring alternate footage and a surprising reveal. Our Grogu speculation continues as we try to crack the mystery surrounding Baby Yoda’s past. We’ve got interview audio highlights featuring Moff Gideon Giancarlo Esposito, who’s pumped for the new season of Mando, and Cassian himself, Diego Luna is hard at work on ANDOR season 2. With profits down, Hasbro is cutting corners. How will this affect their STAR WARS brand? RFR listeners get musical with BAD BATCH-inspired Neil Diamond song parodies. THAT 90’s SHOW is here and, as expected, there are plenty of STAR WARS references. We spotlight them all on “Star Wars In Pop Culture”. Plus, Rancho Obi-Wan needs your help, capes in STAR WARS, inside Luthen’s shop, and why DOES Disney+ drop episodes during overnight hours?

Direct download: RFR_012723_StarWarsPodcast.mp3
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The Batch is back on the trail of another treasure, but this time, with Phee Genoa in the lead. And Hunter doesn't like it. Join us for a look at "Entombed" on THE BAD BATCH After Show with our breakdown and your thoughts and observations. 

Direct download: BadBatch05_S2_012523.mp3
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Sure, he’ll always be Sweet Baby Yoda to us, but who really IS Grogu and what’s up with the mystery of his past? Is it finally time we learned the secrets? We crack “The Mystery Box” wide open with our breakdown of the all-new trailer for season 3 of THE MANDALORIAN and look for clues and hints. We look closely at the new Mandalorian warriors introduced in the trailer and try to determine how they fit into the story and more. Plus, listener feedback about THE BAD BATCH, some Phil Tippett discussion, and STAR WARS in POLTERGEIST.

Direct download: RFR_012023_StarWarsPodcast.mp3
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It's all about speed this week as the Bad Batch crew gets mixed up in the world of racing. Do you have the need for speed? Join us for the RFR BAD BATCH After Show livestream looking at "Faster."

If you'd like to WATCH The After Show, be sure to check out Rebel Force Radio on YouTube.

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This week on RFR, We have hot takes from Ewan McGregor and Hayden Christensen as they look back on the full season of OBI-WAN KENOBI via fresh comments courtesy of SAG. Will there be a season two? We speculate! We continue analyzing this week’s episode of THE BAD BATCH and consider the implications it will have on the rest of the season. We reveal the perfect STAR WARS vacation and more! 

Direct download: RFR_011323_StarWarsPodcast.mp3
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This week the focus is on Crosshair as he and another familiar clone face grapple with the moral and ethical dilemmas of carrying out the orders of a growing Empire. Join us for another RFR After Show livestream looking at this thought-provoking episode of THE BAD BATCH with your thoughts and observations for "The Solitary Clone."

Direct download: BadBatch03_S2_010422.mp3
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The Batch is back to raid Count Dooku's war chest with the season 2 premiere, featuring a double feature of action-packed episodes: "Spoils of War" and "Ruins of War." The team is sporting some new armor, and Omega's hair may be a little longer, but what else has changed for our favorite misfit clones? We break it all down together with Super Chats, and listener calls featuring your thoughts and observations!

Direct download: BadBatch01_S2_010422.mp3
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