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EXCLUSIVE! Thanks to a recent discovery, we present highlights from the very first-ever STAR WARS publicity tour featuring a rare interview with Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, and Carrie Fisher. Recorded live on the air in June 1977 in Chicago, it’s a funny and fascinating look-back at the STAR WARS phenomenon while it was still in its infancy. And you can only hear it on RFR. Plus, we feature the latest in STAR WARS news including comments from D.B. Weiss about the STAR WARS trilogy he was developing along with his “Game of Thrones” production partner David Benioff, a Jake Lloyd update, and Ewan McGregor interview highlights with his wife, Hera Syndulla actress Mary Elizabeth Winstead (AHSOKA). Along with listener feedback and Star Wars In Pop Culture features “Young Sheldon”.

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HARBINGER /ˈhärbənjər/ (noun) - a person or thing that announces or signals the approach of another. foreshadows a future event; omen; sign. The Batch look to a mysterious figure from the past for answers about the Empire's interest in Omega. Is the arrival of this individual a "harbinger" for things to come? Join us as we break down "The Harbinger," the latest from THE BAD BATCH, on the RFR After Show along with your thoughts and theories!

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We react to and breakdown THE ACOLYTE trailer, scene-by-scene, frame-by-frame. ROGUE SQUADRON, not dead yet! We have interview highlights from director Patty Jenkins on the newly-resurrected movie project. C-3PO actor Anthony Daniels recently auctioned off his personal STAR WARS memorabilia collection of props for big cash. F.J. DeSanto attended the preview party and he joins us with a full report. We pay tribute to actor Michael Culver, Capt. Needa from THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK, plus,The Billy Dee Quote of the Week continues as we review highlights from Billy Dee Williams autobiography “Hello, What Have We Here” and more! 

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The Batch tracks down an old adversary for clues as to why Omega is so valuable to the Empire. Join us for a breakdown of this latest episode on RFR's THE BAD BATCH After Show for thoughts, theories and observations in the online chat and live phone calls with the best group of STAR WARS fans in the galaxy!

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It's a double batch this week with two new episodes to break down on THE BAD BATCH After Show. It's a Clone Trooper reunion with many of the "brothers" from previous episodes checking in and callbacks to earlier seasons of THE BAD BATCH and THE CLONE WARS. Join us for our breakdown along with thoughts, theories and observations from your fellow STAR WARS fans 

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Sure, THE MANDALORIAN AND GROGU film is deep in pre-production, THE BAD BATCH is steeped in mid-season, and new STAR WARS home video releases are on the way. But despite all that, the biggest story in STAR WARS news this week is the resurfacing of a 2003 broadcast from Chile featuring beer advertising edited into the STAR WARS movies themselves. We look at some of the footage and discuss the impact on the internet this old footage has had. In other news, new 4k Blu Ray releases for OBI-WAN KENOBI and ANDOR were revealed this week, composer John Williams revealed a big “mistake” he made when composing music for the original 1977 STAR WARS film, an odd goof has been discovered by freeze-framing REVENGE OF THE SITH, and we pay tribute to a late Friend of the Show, Mark Dodson - The voice of Salacious Crumb. Plus, we feature more highlights from Billy Dee Williams’ new autobiography, BAD BATCH listener feedback and more!

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Tensions are running high this week as Crosshair's return creates mistrust on both sides. Join us for the RFR After Show as we look at "The Return," the latest episode of THE BAD BATCH's final season. With callbacks to pivotal moments from season two's "The Outpost" and snow wyrms, we know this is a BAD BATCH breakdown you don't want to miss! We're taking your calls (Patreon members first!) and watching the chat for your thoughts, theories and speculation..

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Lando Calrissian actor Billy Dee Williams has committed his life story to a new autobiography called appropriately “Hello, What Have We Here”. We feature highlights from the audiobook and welcome back “The Billy Dee Quote of the Week”. We have production updates for the upcoming STAR WARS streaming series THE ACOLYTE and feature film THE MANDALORIAN AND GROGU, along with more about Gina Carano’s lawsuit against Lucasfilm. Plus, listener feedback about THE BAD BATCH, a write-in campaign for KENOBI season two inspired by Ewan McGregor himself, and find out how you can join us for a live “Star Wars Day” podcast on May The Fourth!

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